My final project before the summer.

My favorite queens.
my girlfriend, trying to protect the world from my evil uncles. Yes, that is a whiskey glass on her shirt.
Sunday! Laura Palmer.

Plan drawings, different scales. Constellation of urban structures, bar.

A school project that revolved around lions in a train station.

I realize I never post anything anymore, I’m too busy with school to draw what I want at all, but I started watching the first season of The Wire, so here’s a quick sketch of Omar. I’ll share some of the things I’ve been doing for school (architecture) if anyone’s interested?
To Smile
I bought the last two issues of Watchmen for less than to dollars today.
diva/the next day
Megan Fox Fun. Ink + digital colors.
Experiment: K-Stew as an old school comic.
superquick Kristen Stewart marker sketch.
my room